Our Story

I'm Kathleen, a stay-at-home mommy with two beautiful babies! 

After helping my daughter reach most of her early milestones it was finally time to start the dreaded and intimidating potty training. One of the hardest parts of training my rambunctious little one was just trying to get her interested in using the potty. And let's face it; the bathroom isn't that exciting for kids unless it's for a bubble bath. The idea behind KooKooLoos was to give kids something just as fun and interactive in the bathroom. So what better way to motivate a kid than introducing them to a new colorful, silly-eyed friend they could visit each time they used potty? From engaging tots during early training to reminding older kids about important potty rituals (like wiping), KooKooLoos is a special pal designed to help you and your child conquer the potty!

We're so happy to be sharing KooKooLoos with you and your family today! Hopefully we're able to make a positive difference in how your child engages during potty time! 

Peace, Love & Parenting