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Welcome to KooKooVille… A place where everyone loves to potty!

The Idea

Developed by a team of creative parents, KooKooLoos started from turning an age old product on its head, literally! Toilet paper holders have been around forever, but in today's parenting world it takes a lot more than a basic chrome holder to get a child engaged in potty time. KooKooLoos' simple concept is to give kids something to look forward to during pottytime.

Now they have colorful, "kooky-eyed" friends to visit each time they used the potty. Each character is colorful, bright and most importantly silly! They bring a big splash of personality and decor to any child's bathroom and with eight fun characters to choose from finding the right one to fit your design needs is easy!

We're positive your kids will love them and so will you. Welcome to the Potty People!


This has made a huge difference in our potty training efforts! Our toddler wasn't too interested in potty training to start with, but once he saw this cool robot he was suddenly a lot more interested. It's a great way to make potty training more fun and looks great too. Very easy to install and sturdy enough to withstand 2 toddlers!


Amazing addition to decor of bathroom! Perfect to encourage kids to accept that potty training can be fun with this beautiful guppy!


What an amazing and unique idea. A total game changer in the world if toddler training! My daughter wants one in every room and it was the pig that encouraged her to even want to potty train. Bought them for all of my friends and they are so grateful for this help with potty training from Kookooloos!


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